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Beauty and the Beast – Taking Back Control of Your Body Image

We live in an unbalanced culture when it comes to weight-some would even go so far as to say schizophrenic. Over 60% of us are overweight or obese and yet our ‘models’ are 23% skinnier than the average woman and our media is obsessed with the current weight crisis of the young hollywood starlet du jour. Even when we try to be healthy we are given to extremes- no carb diets, weight loss pills full of caffeine or worse, working out all the time….it is a fertile breeding ground for dysfunction around food, exercise, and our bodies. Most of us are completely dis-empowered, which only makes it more impossible to treat ourselves well. So how do we fight the power?

Rethinking Perfection: When we hold ourselves to the standards of what we see in movies and magazines we don’t have a chance. These media images are just that: images created with pretty women and a whole lot of lighting, makeup, and airbrushing, used to sell beauty and diet products. There is a different way of understanding beauty, one that respects strength and individuality.

Every single body is different. Let’s start celebrating health instead of perfection. Try eliminating or cutting down on the time spent reading magazines, watching t.v, etc. while finding examples of women of all different sizes and shapes who love their bodies, who are in shape but not malnourished, who treat their bodies as the tools of strength and perseverance that they are.

Understanding Resistance: The more we try to resist thinking about something, the more we think of it. That’s a proven fact. It’s why so many diets that rely on restricting calories, cutting out ‘bad foods’ and generally resisting so much in your life don’t work. Yeah, maybe we lose the weight for a while but eventually it comes back on because we are working from a place of negativity. In reading the blogs and talking to people who have kept the weight off successfully, one common theme keeps coming up: Lifestyle Change. They didn’t see themselves as dieting, rather they saw a life that didn’t work and in which weight was only one symptom of a larger problem. By understanding the reasons behind why we eat, the emotional compulsions and holes that make us fall into cycles of disease, we have a better chance of making the changes we need in order to come back to ourselves and be more aware of why we engage in the behaviors we do. So instead of resisting food, try to figure out ways of making whole and healthy foods a part of your life in a way that is sustainable. Take a healthy cooking class, make good substitution for unhealthy or fatty foods, and find fitness that you love (it is possible-whether it’s running, a dance class, simply walking-there is a form of movement out there that you will love, so explore your options!).

It is time to take our bodies and our self esteem back, empower ourselves to make healthy choices, and understand that a healthy body is not a cookie cutter shape-it is your own body in its own top form.

Liposuction Can Make You Look More Beautiful and Healthy!

When having liposuction, it can be potentially dangerous or life threatening. But, it can also be the opposite if you go to an experienced plastic surgeon!

Liposuction can make you feel and look better. Liposuction is a miracle procedure. It is designed to remove fat and unwanted adipose tissue. Believe it or not, liposuction was first developed to help save people’s lives.

Lipo suction was a procedure to help get rid of adipose tissue around the abdomen and throat, as the addipose tissue can potentially choke or reduce the health of the person significantly. It was then later developed to make people look more beautiful and healthy.

Adipose tissue or fat can be fatal if deposited in the wrong areas of the body. For instance, near the throat or neck. When adipose tissue is collected around this area, it can constrict the trachea which reduces the airflow into your lungs. Sometimes, it can be severe such that people can die from it. Usually, the old method of reducing or removing adipose tissue is by cutting up the skin open and then manually cutting the fat out from the area.

Now, these days we use a simple but effective procedure of inserting a tube and sucking the fat tissue out of the skin. That is, liposuction. This method is much safer and has a significantly less chance of being infected. It also has a higher success rate and also recovery rate! When done correctly by an experienced surgeon, it can make ordinary people look like supermodels!

Home Performance – The Three Steps Toward Efficiency and Health

The burgeoning Home Performance movement applies building science and advanced diagnostic tools to increase home energy efficiency, comfort, safety and health. Most homeowners lose big bucks every day through leaks in their house. (Hear that giant sucking sound? It is the sound of energy dollars escaping through the walls.) The field of Home Performance aims to staunch this outflow of energy and money, reducing carbon emissions as well as household heating budgets.

The promise? Slowing climate change while easing the strain of rising energy costs on families.

In the Home Performance process, certified home energy experts uncover hidden causes of poor energy efficiency, poor indoor air quality, and thermal discomfort in homes and then prescribe improvements to transform the way residential structures feel and perform. The process involves three key steps:

  1. Home Performance Assessment.
  2. Also known as home energy audits, these house-as-a-system analyses by certified technicians evaluate a home’s building components and systems, measure how these building elements are (or are not) functioning, and model energy flows throughout the house. These assessments provide building analysts with a thorough understanding of a house and what needs fixing or improving.

  3. Report of Improvement Options.
  4. Any home performance expert worth his or her salt will then provide homeowners with a comprehensive report of the home’s level of energy efficiency, safety and health, along with a detailed menu of improvement options. This menu will include comparisons of savings and time-to-payback to assist the homeowner in prioritizing which improvements to pursue first.

  5. Performance Improvements and Incentive Coordination.
  6. The final step is to work with a qualified contractor to execute the most cost-effective performance improvements. Because lots of government incentives are available to offset costs associated with this work, Home Performance contractors will often coordinate with relevant agencies and assist with required paperwork to ensure that clients receive every possible incentive. In Portland, for instance, the key agency is Energy Trust of Oregon.

Homeowners sometimes overlook home energy efficiency and health because they involve systems that we do not see: duct work, furnaces, and the inner workings of the building envelope. But the performance of these hidden systems is as important as eye-catching floors and cabinetry in creating livable home environments.

Homes should be as healthy as they are beautiful.

Sheepskin Snow Boots – A Memorable Discovery on Style and Health

It’ s believed more than 80% of modern people have the economic strength to spice up their looks with popular apparel and various small ornaments. Because of the great convenience created by electrical commerce, some of them even can flatter rich fashion tastes with high-end articles for personal adornment. Certainly, most people take the roles of trend followers. They bear the latest fashion sense in minds and often imitate some celebrated persons’ styles. But once you can be more sensible, you can be the master for your own fashion statement. Of course, to show your best in any situation, it’ s a must to be aware about your personality.

A wise fashion aficionado will always keep alert about those varying tendencies in the fashion industry, but never overdo any fad. He/she impresses surrounding people with a stunning appearance. But you will never discover undue elegance or luxury from his/her daily style. To be honest, a moderately stylish appearance always best fits the vast majority of people. After all, most people do not have to join in formal occasions like red-carpet events frequently. Just try your best to transform your appearance to be fashionable and tenderly gorgeous. Besides focusing the style of various attachments you plan to add onto your body, it’ s also important to be aware about the comfort or health benefit you will get from those beautiful items.

Each time when perfect harmony between style and comfort is mentioned, there will be a collection popping out obviously in the footwear world. Of course, your shoes are crucial in decorating your appeal and expressing your individuality. In the search for fabulous accentuation for your clothing and comfortable shelters for your feet, you may hardly find a better substitute than sheepskin snow boots. When winter has climbed up to the northern hemisphere, these shoes especially become popular amongst lots of trend devotees and persons who are seeking for warm shoes for their family members.

The release of sheepskin boots triggered a big impact on both visible and invisible aspects in the fashion footwear arena. So far, this impact has spread to most countries all over the world. Australians, Canadians, Americans, Irishmen, etc in any age group protect their feet from the terribly freezing temperature with sheepskin snow boots. People flatter their classy and timely fashion tastes with these simple, but chic shoes. Honestly speaking, it’ s not difficult to realize the special theme embraced by designers for winter boots. They abandon ornate features that symbolize extravagant or high-end sense, but switch to an understated motif. This breakthrough on their ideas makes sheepskin boots a special and memorable discovery on the style of fashion footwear undoubtedly.

When it comes to the practicality of warming wearers’ feet, it seems like really unnecessary to express more views. It’ s a reality most people become more passionate after putting on sheepskin boots. They love to go out for more activities or just taking a walk on a fresh morning. Trend followers replace heavy shoes with lightweight & supple winter boots, seeming more stylish and spirited. Parents are glad to see their kids better enjoy everything in their life. The warmth created by sheepskin enables people to be far away from diseases like arthritis or rheumatism. It’ s totally believed sheepskin boots contribute a lot to everybody. This important discovery on comfort and health is definitely a toner for modern people’ s life.